Download M File Anti-Copy 5.5 Full Serial Number

Download M File Anti-Copy 5.5 Full Serial Number, is a useful file lock software to protect files in the PC / Notebook us. This software can manage the drive, folder, or a specific file or all who want to be locked, so that any unauthorized person can not access it.

Little discussion about this software is where if you want to enable anti-copy for a particular drive, folders and files, you can create a list of inclusion or exclusion.

Furthermore, you can copy and delete files and folders when File Anti-Copy M run (in the case of anti-copy enabled).

But you can also turn on the anti-anti-delete and run for files and folders (or anti-run only for Windows titles only), as well as the anti-run for USB devices (to make the USB storage read-only, near the USB port).

In addition, the "Other" menu lets you lock your Windows registry entries, Task Manager, Command Prompt, "drag and drop" method, the "Send To" menu, Windows burn CDs, upload and attach files, and format hard.

Interface software is already pretty good, easy to use. This software is actually designed for enterprise users but now the software can also be used for the public.

Version 5.5:

  • Fixed old bugs
  • Now you can move the program window (s)
  • Some changes in program design
  • Now you can use the software on non-administrator accounts too
  • Uninstall bugs fixed
  • It has an "Auto-Fix" tool to deactivate all parts and enable uninstall button automatically
  • Change Password bug fixed
  • Folder anti-copy bug fixed
  • Anti-Run bug fixed
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M File Anti-Copy 5.5
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