Free Downloads Wondershare Data Recovery 4.0.0 Full Keygen

Free Downloads Wondershare Data Recovery 4.0.0 Full Keygen - is a software function to restore the files, images, data has been deleted either intentionally or unintentionally. All files that have been deleted can we return again with Wondershare Data Recovery 4.0.0 Full Version of this. For this newest version of Wondershare Data Recovery has been able to detect files that can not be detected in previous versions.

Features :
  1. File Recovery - File Recovery can recover files that are deleted from the system. No matter the files are deleted using Shift-D, DOS delete command or emptited from recycle bin, it can retrieve the files in just minutes. Just select the target directory or partition which you want to recover data from, and then click “Next” to get data back.
  2. Unformat - Unformat can recover files that are lost after the partition or USB Flash device being accidentally formatted. If you accidentally format a partition and forget to backup some important files, unformat is the right option for you. It can find out what files can be recovered by just scanning the source partition, then recovery it.
  3. Raw Recovery - Raw Recovery helps you recover files from a seriously damaged file system. The scan result (Found Files List) are organized by file type and the files are named using numbers. Raw Recovery supports various file types such as jpg, bmp, zip, exe and more. This function is very effective for recovering digital photos taken by digital camera.
  4. Partition Recovery - Partition Recovery contains three functions. They are Partition Table Backup, Partition Table Restore and Partition Recovery. If you notice all partitions of a hard disk do not show up in "My Computer" or cannot be open, the partition table information of the hard disk may has been damaged by disoperation or virus. Partition Recovery can handle this problem for you.
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