Downloads SMS Caster 3.6

SMS Caster E-Marketer ENTERPRISE 3.6 is the program that created to send bulk SMS to the number desired, with a holiday greeting, Valentine's Day, congratulations, or invitations etc.. as well as we use mobile phones to text, the difference between this software we can send SMS by the hundreds and even thousands with one click of course dependent operator (Telkomsel, proxl, Indosat) we use, as for the condition-condition to use this software:

  1. Must have Microsoft Office installed on your computer (recommended).
  2. Nokia PC Suite / Drivers Modem and phone
  3. USB cable / Bluetooth
  4. Phone / modem
  5. SIM card GSM operator (Telkomsel, proxl, Indosat, etc.)
Uniquely this software we can use the phone / modem is more than one eg 6 or 10 pieces to be used to send sms with intermediaries bluetooth / usb can be combined both. Well for that please download a very small toolnya only 1.78 megabytes by clicking below. after download extract the file. when there is trouble please comment below ..

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